Sunday, December 31, 2006

internet was dying

Day / Date : Wednesday / 27 December 2006

Time : 01:20

International Link to / Via : AT&T KDDI,Japan Telecom, CHT TWGate
Causes : Taiwan EarthQuake
resulting Submarine Cable Problem

Impact : International Link
Quality Degradation

that was a disaster for all we here in indonesia, we can't access the international link for about 5 hour. after 5 hour we can conected but the link is to slow because only 1 backbone and it's only 4 Meg bandwidth. but then after about 36 hour, it mean that the day is thursday at 1 pm the connection goes normal again. after i checked only "us" (melsa) that can do this. cause were connect through ntt (using AJC=asian japan cable) and WSM (using france telecom).
the cable in taiwan still fixed, hope it can be normal soon.

Friday, December 08, 2006

josh groban new album

it's been long time, im wait for this new album "awake".
same as other josh album, with a unique and melo rythem and nice romantic lyrics.
this album has 13 tracks on cd version and 3 bonus tracks for limited edition.
the lyrics is still the same, the lyrics write in italian and in english to.but i love the lyrics that write in italian so mixed with josh sound character.

after listen the 13 tracks, there is one track that i love most its "L'ultima Notte", even the lyrics was write in italian, and i can't understand it. but you can feel it from the sound and melody, like there is sad and pain in it.well i tried to find the lyrics that had been translated, but i did'nt find it.

i think i will play this album for this whole week :D