Thursday, March 31, 2005

GimpShop yeauh

I saw GimpShop here. Its a personal hack from the sourcecode of GIMP a Gnu Image Manipulation Tool a.k.a graphics editor.

So whats Difference between Gimpshop and Gimp, well if you go to Gimpshop creator Scott moschella’s site. there are nice discription, how he made layout matching of options available in GIMP to Adobe’s Photoshop.

Posting comparitive screenshots between Adobe Photoshop and GimpShop (taken from Scott’s site).

Adobe Photoshop < -------------------------------->Gimp

Adobe PhotoshopGimp

Gimp tool menu < ->gimpSHOP’s tool menu


Thursday, March 03, 2005

new season f1 2005

at last f1 2005, new season with new car, new technology, new driver and new rules. i hope this year there is no ferarri domination. i think Jenson Button at BAR Honda will make a great performance this year continue last year good performance. and i hope that Mark Webber and Nick Heidfeld will have good performance to at BMW Williams.but i think so pesimistic with the indian N karthikeyan at the jordan team. actually this year will become the year of youngster the year of kimi, button, alonso, webber. but what about schumi and the ferarri, yes he and his ferarri still the best but i hope other team can stop his domination especially the young guns. let see this week at Albert Park Australia :D