Friday, April 11, 2008

hangout at "pa gino" restaurant

it's been along time, we all did'nt hangout at some restaurant, tasted some great food's. thursday april 10th 2008 we six of all came to "pa gino" restaurant at "jalan sunda" it's near to the rail train.
well there is some funny story while we are ate at that restaurant, we order lot of food and after we finished our food we came to the cashier and then the cashier told us the total that we must pay, were shock when the cashier told that the total was 92000 rupiah, even were shock but we go away and didn't check the bill that the cashier gave to us.
and at the time we arrive at the office we check again the bill, cause we didn't believe the amount that we paid. and then our guess are right. the cashier didn't see the number clearly the total amount that we must pay is 192000 not 92000 so the cashier didn't see the first number.
hihi maybe this is a "rejeki" for us, but i feel guilty.

you can check our video here