Thursday, February 22, 2007

naruto shippuuden

At last naruto anime series "naruto shippuuden" was out (naruto hurricane chronicles in english sub), it's been for 5 or 6 month im waiting for it (tired with all those filler things).

The story was after two and half years training with jiraiya, naruto came back to konoha. sakura becomes Tsunade apprentice and sasuke was training under orochimaru, so all team 7 member was train by the legendary sanin (jiraiya, tsunade, orochimaru).The stories itself focus on the akatsuki organization and the rescue of sasuke.Akatsuki itself had their on mission to captured the biju (one is on naruto and gaara body).

By the way the picture of the anime series naruto shippuuden was very different than naruto 1, its very clear and sharp. it was very awesome i think.

well i already read the manga, but i still interested in the anime to. so for you all naruto fans, you all must see it. enjoy it okey.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

im not superman

hey you guys don't push me like that, im not a superman. you all who have much time to did some college task, not me, im screwed up with some "bloody job" at work. bloody hell, so please do it by your self guys, now im counting the college task on you all. im already did my task, now it's your turn to finish it.

"bloody hell"

blogger new look

well this is my first time to try the new blogger look, well it's more easy to navigate and good look. i'll know this all because blogger had been took by google. and you know google was the king of web application.
so blogger now full of ajax application, the navigation all full of ajax thats make navigation as easy as desktop application.

well have you try the new blogger ???